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Jolly Jaunts Across Undiscovered Britain

Your clients may fancy seeing the smashing sights in Britain, but don’t think us cheeky in saying we can show them the undiscovered places that tell the true stories of its green hills and seaside cliffs. From winding paths to windswept cliffs, we invite you to discover Britain’s authentic places beyond the London Bridge with a selection of travel styles to see Britain in a new way. Step into the truly great British worlds as only Globus and Cosmos can show your client.

Explore unhurried and uncrowded England, Scotland, and Wales to shop for bits and bobs only found in bonnie shires, hamlets, and highlands. Invite them to discover destinations they might not yet know about, or places they wouldn’t think of visiting on their own. Join the locals to hoist a glass in Scotland and haste ye back to England while we put the kettle on for a nice cuppa tea with a biscuit. Say, "Cheerio," to typical tours for a better, brilliant way to see true life in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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Discover the very British, Scottish, and Welsh spots you’ll only see with Globus and Cosmos, with over 30 unique cities amongst these tours. We handle the research, the reservations–even the driving on the "wrong" side of the road–so your clients don’t have to!

Cosmos Lite—the world’s first à la carte touring style that lets your client schedule their day as they please. Cosmos Lite provides the essentials you’d expect from a traditional Cosmos escorted tour—comfy accommodations, on-hand Tour Director, first-rate transportation, and breakfast each morning. The difference? They plan their day—their way—with MyCosmos optional excursions and activities that suit their interests, pace, and budget. Tap on the CosmosGO mobile app for local information, directions, and recommendations. With Cosmos Lite, it’s their way, every day.

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Explore jolly jaunts across Britain. From winding paths to windswept moors, we invite you to discover Britain’s authentic places beyond the London Bridge with a selection of travel styles to see old Britain in a new way. Call me to learn more!
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There’s nothing easy about planning a vacation, especially when visiting the less-traversed areas of England, Scotland, and Wales. We handle the research, the reservations—even the driving on the "wrong" side of the road—so you don’t have to. Call me today to learn about tours across Britain you are sure to fancy -- starting at only $999.
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Over the tower bridge, beyond the palace, and past Abbey Road, you’ll discover laurel lanes and garden paths along the cobblestone less travel with "Undiscovered Britain" tours. Call me today to book your 2019 vacation and ask about special savings.
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A tour gets you closer to the sites and tiny towns in England, Scotland and Wales you just can’t do on your own. More local experiences, more relaxation, and more time to explore like a local. Call me to learn about the 9 great Undiscovered Britain Tours that you are sure to fancy for your next vacation
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