We're Looking Out for the Way Your Clients Look Out


Since we launched our very first ship in 2004, Avalon Waterways has invited our traveler to be our muse. We let imagination and a relentless desire to create a smart use of space, be our guide. The result? An incomparable river cruise experience, including one-of-a-kind Panorama SuitesSM - with innovative Open-Air Balconies® and beds facing the views - on the industry’s only Suite Ships®: Unequaled vessels that feature two full decks of 200- and 300-square-foot suites.

On Avalon, "included" is one of our favorite words. Spacious outside staterooms with plenty of room to relax - included. Regional wine and beer at every onboard lunch and dinner - included. Complimentary Wi-Fi - included. The most shore excursions, led by Certified Local Guides - included. VIP entrance into must-see sites - included. Unique Local FavoritesSM designed to bring your destination to life - included. We also give you the freedom of Avalon Choice® - a different approach to river cruising that invites travelers to personalize their trip.

We call this the Avalon difference.


We redefined the window of opportunity with river cruising's only Open-Air BalconySM. In our Panorama SuiteSM featured on the Suite Ships® of Avalon, these wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows open wider than any other in the industry, blurring the line between outside and in, forming a comfortable and spacious seating area, and creating an open invitation to discover and dream. Even if your client is a seasoned traveler, they’ve never seen Europe like this.

Active Discovery Cruises

Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. With the introduction of our new Active Discovery cruises on the Danube and Rhine, there is something for travelers with varying interests and for all fitness levels. Your clients can now hike, bike, and explore their way through the scenic and historic wonders of the world. On these interactive and energetic cruises, we give them opportunities to spend time with locals and learn about local traditions and the culture with hands-on activities and we pack in real get-up-and-go for those who like to do the same.

Leveraging Luxury with Avalon Choice®

One of the many joys of travel is the feeling of freedom that comes with it. On an Avalon river cruise, we expand that autonomy with Avalon Choice®, a unique concept that allows your client to personalize every element of your cruise. Al fresco lunch or overflowing buffet? Ancient village by foot or bicycle? They decide what and where to eat on board, how they wish to explore the destination, and even the style and pace at which to experience many of the included port excursions - at no extra cost.

Flavors to suit your distinct taste

While Avalon cruises provide a selection of nutritious local delicacies and Western favorites at every meal, we’re raising the bar with the introduction of Avalon Fresh®. Created in conjunction with two of Europe’s rising culinary stars—the Wrenkh brothers—Avalon Fresh® allows travelers to guiltlessly indulge in creative dishes that combine surprising flavors with a dash of innovation. With the philosophy of procuring the freshest ingredients from small farms and local producers, Avalon Fresh® brings the passing landscape to your client's plate for an inspiring, fulfilling, and healthful dining experience.


Avalon river cruises go beyond expectation. They go beyond the grand waterways of Europe, too. With a maximum capacity of 36 guests, our smaller Mekong and Irrawaddy River cruise ships can sail into surprising places in Southeast Asia that other ships simply cannot. Gliding through narrow passageways, these intimate ships get travelers up close to the sights, cultures and traditions of Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. While these smaller vessels lead you to areas virtually untouched by tourists, personalized touches abound - offering unique experiences both on board and off.