It began more than 90 years ago.

When a young man purchased a boat to transport visitors across Lake Lugano, Switzerland. Who would have thought that this single boat would launch one of the world's leading travel companies?

Today, the Globus family of brands is a global company reaching every corner of the world, yet remains family-owned and steeped in the values Antonio had when he set out across Lake Lugano - to enlighten travelers by showing them the very best of the destinations we know so well.

At Globus, we create first-class escorted tours with just the right balance of included features & free time. We're all about hidden gems, not hidden charges. We throw in more visits, toss in more experiences & include more sightseeing, all in the price of the vacation.

Why Travel With Globus

When we envision the perfect vacation, we see great hotels, amazing food, incredible sightseeing, and above all, we imagine creating memories galore! What we don't picture is what it takes to organize a jaw-dropping, stress-free getaway.

Many travel operators tend to overschedule, instilling the need for a vacation after your vacation. We weave in just the right amount of free time for individual exploration, quiet reflection, or a book and a latte at a sidewalk café.

Everyone loves extras - until they're charged extra. So we include more visits, toss in more experiences, and include more sightseeing, all in the price of the vacation. So the only surprises your clients will encounter are the ones we have thoughtfully planned for them.

A hotel can have the crispest sheets, the fluffiest towels, and the tastiest pillow mints, but if it's not near the sights, what good is it? Not much. Because what travelers love just as much as the sights is waking up right next to them.

Our experts bring our destinations to life with firsthand, in-depth knowledge of their cities, towns, and neighborhoods. They speak the language. They know the history. They know where to find the legendary pastries.

We don't just travel, we travel right. We work hard behind the scenes to get your clients front and center at the world's greatest sights. We minimize lines, minimize wait times, and maximize fun.

Time To Tour

Isn't it time your client makes travel a priority? Time to trade someone else’s dreams for theirs? Time to trade “have tos” for "must-sees?" We recently asked 3,382 Americans these very questions (and more!). Here’s what they had to say.*

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30 days prior to departure - and for the duration of their vacation - guests can log in to check flight, hotel and transfer information, review their itinerary, and customize their trip with a host of entertainment, sightseeing, dining and shopping suggestions. Bistros, bars, bookstores, bakeries – they’re all in there! Best of all, when they're enjoying free time on their Globus vacation, they can safely wander without Wi-Fi and discover without draining data, as built-in GPS navigation works offline for on-trip ease.

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