A Better Way to Travel

There are different ways to travel. Your client can choose to go with a group...They can choose a do-it-yourself vacation...Or, you can help them choose something in-between. Something that’s better than going it alone. It’s called Monograms and there’s nothing else like it.

Monograms invites your client to travel the world independently, with expert help.

Monograms has put together a robust portfolio of incredible vacations around the globe. From vacation planning to on-trip logistics – including your client’s own onsite Local Host® – Monograms is with them every step of the way.


Monograms was created so you can tailor your client's vacation to their specific likes, interests and travel style. YourWay takes the Monograms concept one step further by allowing your client to choose the number of nights they wish to stay in select European cities. Another way Monograms lives up to its name and lets your client make their vacation their own. Look for the YourWay icon online and in the brochure to see where this flexible feature is available.

7 Monograms YourWay cities: London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice and NEW in 2019 Barcelona & Madrid

Hand Selected Hotels: We've Checked all the Hotels. Your Clients Just Check In.

Centrally Located Hotels - Why should your clients dream of the world’s greatest sights when they can wake up right next to them? Our hotels are located in the city center, so they’re close to the action. At Monograms we feel that being close to the major attractions on their vacation takes the headache out of planning transportation and finding your way around. We want them crossing sights off their list, not wasting time crossing town.

Monograms Local Hosts®: Everyone Loves an Insider.

Who has the strongest espresso in town? What street has the hippest boutiques? Where's the quietest spot to view the sunset? The Monograms Local Host® knows! Throughout Monograms vacations, we provide a friendly, knowledgeable insider in each destination to offer hints and recommendations, steer people off the beaten path, and help your clients maximize every moment of their time. No other travel company offers this accessible wealth of information. So there's no wandering around hoping you'll stumble upon a local gem. Your client’s Monograms Local Host® will lead them right there.

VIP Sightseeing: We skip the lines. (And your clients can, too!)

Must See Sights

You’ll see the landmarks and monuments, learn about the area’s cultural heritage, and hear fascinating anecdotes that bring it all to life.

VIP Access

With Monograms your clients enjoy VIP access that takes them right inside the iconic sights. Because standing in the footsteps of legends is so much better than standing in line.

Forks, Knives and Chopsticks - Dining in Style

Breakfast Before they feast their eyes on the sights, your clients enjoy a morning feast to fuel their day.

Lunch The best part of traveling with Monograms is feeling like a local. Lunches and dinners are generally not included so your clients can discover everything from the sidewalk cafes to the hidden-alley bistros.

Dinner Monograms has partnered with Fodor's and provides restaurant recommendations.

Vacations to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Africa include breakfast. The Local Host® can assist in recommending local favorites or your clients can simply explore on their own!

This is the Italy Everyone Dreams About

Monograms is proud to be sponsoring Season 2 of the hit PBS series Dream of Italy. Follow along to see Kathy's adventures around Italy and to see what kind of experiences could await your clients!

Want your clients to see and experience Italy like a local? There is no better way to discover Italy than on a Monograms vacation. Monograms invites your clients to travel the world independently, with expert help. From vacation planning to on-trip logistics - including their own onsite Local Host® - Monograms is with your clients every step of the way.

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