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Invite your clients to rediscover their love for Italy

Perhaps your clients have already stood inside the storied walls of the Colosseum or marveled at the chiseled lines of the statue of David. Maybe they’ve cruised through the most romantic of ancient canals. Even if they’ve experienced the highlights of Rome, Florence and Venice, there’s an entire country of diverse regions, people, traditions and cuisine they haven’t seen, experienced or tasted in Italy. And there is no better way to get to these picturesque towns, with the insight and expertise of local guides and ease of transportation, than on a tour.

Touring is the best way to rediscover Italy. Invite your clients to come back to Italy and fall in love again for the first time with 9 unique off-the-beaten path Italy tours including:

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You may have been to Italy, but you’ve never experienced Italy like this. 2019 is the year to return to the country you loved the first time to explore its picturesque hidden cities and villages. Ask me how?
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It’s time to go off the beaten piazza and explore Italy like a local. Get closer to dolce discoveries in towns like Taormina, Monteresso, Apulia, Parma and more. Plus, enjoy airfare savings to Italy for a limited time! Call me to book your Undiscovered Italy vacation.
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A tour gets you closer to the sites and tiny towns in Italy you just can’t do on your own. More local experiences, more relaxation, and more time to explore like a local. See the 9 great Italy Tours that will make you want to return in 2019.
#UndiscoveredItaly #Globus #Cosmos

Come back to the country you loved for the first time and discover new sights, sparkling seas and rolling hills. Forget Rome, Florence and Venice – this is Italy. Plus, ask me how to get there for less money and more extras in 2019.
#UndiscoveredItaly #Globus #Cosmos

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